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We Can Turn Your Employee Feedback Into Profitable Growth. Guaranteed.

Let’s face it; your top-performing employees are the ones who are most engaged in their job. Unfortunately, they only represent about 30% of your workforce.

What’s worse is this:

  • 51% Of Your Staff Is Somewhat Disengaged: This group represents the employees who are partially engaged. And although they will do an average job, they don’t give it their best effort and rarely do more than expected.
  • 19% Of Your Staff Is Completely Disengaged: These are the ones who are drifting through their workday and are most likely actively looking for a new job. Because of their mindset, they cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, in lost productivity. And if they are in sales or customer service, you need to factor in the lost sales opportunities. 
How To Request Your Employee Engagement Survey Quote 
If you would like to have an employee engagement survey done, or would like more information about our process, please send us your name and contact information.
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Electronic Surveys: And Why We Use Them For Our Clients?

Our employee engagement surveys are done electronically to ensure anonymity.  And when you conduct an anonymous survey, your results will be a truer indication of what an employee feels, whether it is from feeling frustrated and uninspired or ecstatic about the organization's future.  We will capture the real temperature of your workforce. Nonetheless, our surveys are an eye-opener for every owner, shareholder, and executive. 

We Will Take Your Employee Engagement Survey To The Next Level. . .

We feel that no two clients are alike or, for that matter, the departments within your organization.  That said, we will provide you the option to have a survey done for each department, i.e.,

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounting/Accounts Payable/Payroll
  • Executive/Management Team
  • Non-Management Personnel

Our 7-Step Employee Engagement Survey Process Is Designed To Maximize Results.

To maximize our client results, the staff at Drip Marketing, Inc. has developed a 7-step Employee Engagement Survey Process.  

  1. Client Discovery Questionnaire (Standard Survey Vs. Customized Survey)
  2. Define Scope Of Project/Fund Project
  3. Define Timetable And Deliverables
  4. Gather Employee Data (e-Mail Addresses, Name, Title)
  5. Survey Created
  6. Promote And Release Final Employee Engagement Survey To Employees
  7. Review Data And Provide Feedback On Areas Of Improvement And Training

To learn more about our employee engagement surveys, contact us today for a free quote.