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FREE* e-Mail Marketing Improvement Workshop. . . 

Are you a business owner or V.P. of Sales/Marketing who:

  • Wants to dramatically improve his or her sales team's performance?
  • Wants more HOT sales leads from your sales follow-up efforts?
  • Wants to build a lead nurturing system for its marketing databases?

Our on-site e-Mail Marketing Improvement Workshop is a high-level 90-minute workshop, developed and conducted by our President, Glenn Fallavollita.  During this meeting, Glenn will review:

  • Your e-mail marketing strategies, follow-up methods, tactics, and tools.
  • Your prospect, customers, past customer, and referral partner database building strategies.
  • Your lead nurturing strategy for:
    • Prospects
    • Customers
    • Past Customers
    • Referral Partners
  • The sales tools used in conjunction with your e-mail marketing efforts.
  • Your current e-mail marketing campaigns.

At The End Of The Workshop, You Will Receive A Special Report Card And Performance Report. 

At the end of this fast-paced meeting, you will receive an extensive multi-page performance report and report card that outlines areas of improvement.

It's time you stopped being the best-kept secret in your industry because of poor focus and direction. Contact us immediately to learn more.

*Free for businesses that meet our criteria on sales volume, employee size, and distance from our office.

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